The Proven Blueprint that I used to Quit My Corporate Job and Become a Full Time Stay at Home Trader ...without the long learning cycle to master trading.

What if I tell you that there is an easier way to become Profitable in Trading?

What if I tell you that you can actually achieve consistency in your weekly results by as early as next week?

What I am about to share requires you to keep an open mind.

This is how I left my corporate job and how I became a Full Time Trader.

It's all possible to become profitable in trading when you look at it differently.

If you have tried learning how to trade and buying different courses, you should STOP.

It's time to do thing differently and take a different route to success.

Are you ready to do it differently?

Why this is different...!

If you take notice of other Forex Websites, most of them make BIG claims.

These big claims of profit are almost never backed any independent websites like FXBlue or MyFXBook.

Any one can make big claims but please be aware that many of these big claims might just be marketing gimmick to sell the product.

What we want to achieve on this page is to show you REAL Results that are backed by 3rd party website. 

Transparency backed with proven results is what makes the big difference here.

This is what you can expect from us.

Any claims will be backed by MyFxBook.

This is where we stand out... this is where we want to be different.

We post our results onto MyFxBook and FXBlue.

My Main Goal for you...

My main objective of having this page up is to show you what you can do be come instantly a profitable trader.

I want to show you a better route to become a Profitable Trader.

You have tried many ways and many of them did not work.

I know that very well as I have been through the dark side of this journey.

I have  gone through the struggles and pain of becoming profitable, I know what it takes to become consistent and to become good at this game in the shortest time possible.

Essentially, I am showing you a shortcut to Profitable Trading.

Who is this for...?

I personally feel this is for everyone who wants to get ahead Financially...

If you do not have a financial vehicle that will help you beat inflation consistently yearly, then I am afraid you will be losing your wealth every matter how hard you work.

This is for you if you want to get your money work harder for you... 

This is ESPECIALLY for you if...

  • You are a new trader 
  • You are a struggling trader who wants to grow your portfolio
  • You are experienced trader and looking to diversify
  • You just looking for ways to make your money work harder for you
  • You have no idea what's going on but want to make money
  • You are a business person who has access cash but do not know what to do with it.

The Uphill Challenges of a Trader...

A staggering 96% of all trader do not make money yet there are thousands of new traders entering the market each year to be slaughtered by the veterans.

It's like the new traders are attracted to the blinking lights on their trading platform which is very similar to bugs blindly attracted to lights of the Bug Zapper.

And if you are reading this now... it's most likely you are not profitable or not consistent enough to leave your Full Time Job. 

If you are wondering why most traders lose money I can just tell you it usually boils down to a few things...

  • No Patience and Discipline On Entry | Not following System Rules 
    Most traders lose money because they cannot wait for a setup. They end up taking on trades with no setup or the "almost there" setup.
  • Taking Profit too Soon | Instant Gratification
    When in green, take profit. But that's really leaving too much money on the table and will eventually reflect in your overall profitability.
  • Sizing Position Inconsistency | Feel Good Factor
    Many traders take on positions based on feel good factor. When it looks most promising, that's when it's usually a big losing trade. 
  • Missed Good Opportunity due to Timing
    Some traders have a good system but if they are not able to get to their computer they missed plenty of good opportunities due to their lack of ability to execute orders in a timely fashion.
  • Overtrading | Desire to Make More
    Sometimes after a winning run, the feeling is good and account is growing but there is not more setup to trade. Disaster usually follows because the trader starts trading without strict discipline.
  • Hesitation and Emotions | Fear of Losing Further
    After a losing streak, many traders start losing faith on their system and start to hesitate new entries because of fear. This action does not allow the system to play out it's probability and potential winning trades are lost and the system is also discarded eventually.
  • Limited Strategies for Diversification | One Trick Poney
    Different market conditions require different strategies. Most traders have limited strategies to address different market condition. Most traders don't even have a strategy they are really good at.
  • Trading Burnout | Trading is no longer fun 
    Even if there are a very small group of traders who are consistently profitable, starring at computer screens all day long will eventually cause trading burnout and perhaps cause mistakes.
  • Not Letting the Edge Play Out | Probability Game
    Casinos know they will always win when there are thousands of rounds played. Casinos allow the probability of their edge to work in their favor. Most traders quit a strategy or have their account wiped out after 5 losing trades (hint: wrong position sizing).
  • Working too Hard in the Business | Work on Strategies Not on Execution
    Most traders do everything on their own. They work too hard and eventually burn out. When not working, they have no income. Always pressured to work. Do you think Warren Buffett or George Soros need to place their own trades? Something to think about...

If you can solve all the above, you have the solution to profitable trading. 

And that's how my trading journey went from broke to becoming a profitable trader...not just profitable but consistently profitable week after week... Fridays after Fridays.

From Broke to Consistently Profitable...

My name is William Tan.

This is my trading journey... from Broke to Consistently Profitable.

It's just hard to imagine that it's was just a few short years ago, I was struggling financially as a trader.

I could not even make $200 consistently per month.

What I had was a dream.

I had one dream... and that dream was to spend more time with my kid and watch her grow up. 

I worked hard and slaved to save in a job that I did not like but I remained focused to my goal of becoming a full time trader.

It was not an easy journey and I thought of giving up many times.

I did not have the skills nor the talent as a trader. I only had one thing going for me...


I must have easily blown up 7 accounts in my first 3 years of trading Forex.

It was really one of the hardest times in my life.

I lost my savings. I lost my confidence.

But something in me told me to not give up. 

Even my family members started to look at my dreams funny.

Every time I talk about trading, they just kept quiet.

Although they supported me… I knew it was really just superficial.

They were getting worried about me self destructing... especially my Mom and Dad.

They told me that it’s impossible to make a living through trading.

They told me that I should just get a good job and work hard 9 to 6pm every day.

They told me that I should play it safe and just forget about my dreams.

I really did NOT want to hear any of it.

I just kept studying and demo trading.

I was literally obsessed with price and market movements.

I locked myself up in the room and just would look at the market all night long.

I was really all alone in the journey.

Have you been through this journey where nobody really knows your pain?
It's really a lonely journey. I hope you don't ever have to go through this pain.

And if you are going through this, I want to tell you that you are not alone and you can do this.

I know I went through financial and emotional hell during my first 3 years of trading.

And then… after 3 years of struggle,  I suddenly got results.

I really should not use the word sudden because it’s 3 years of building up my trading foundation.

Nothing happened suddenly…. I become better gradually.

I was still not consistent enough...

Something was still missing. 

My results were not quite consistent.

I was struggling to maintain my winning rates.

I started looking at all my trades and finally narrowed the root cause to inconsistent decision making and sometimes the lack of emotional control… sometimes not following system rules.

Sometimes I took the trade anyway.

Because I waited for weeks.

And waiting weeks does not help because then I took with heavy quantity to make up for the lost time that I did not trade.

Although I had one good strategy at that time, the human factor did not help because it’s the one thing that’s making me inconsistent. —

I’ve made emotional decisions. I’ve made inconsistent decisions.

Sometimes, I violated system rules.

This is the root cause of my trading inconsistencies.

I could not achieve consistent weekly results and as as result, my income was not consistent.

Then one day, I met a successful Forex Trader.

And he told me his secret to success and sustainable trading. —

And the secret is just using technology to automate his system rules and trading so that he frees himself from looking at the screen. 

This is how he manages his stress too.

To me… this is a BIG shock especially it’s coming from successful trader because I have heard of all the horror stories of trading softwares.

I Used My Entire Savings to Learn from Him...

I signed up for his course and payed a King's ransom of $1997 for his  Forex Course.

$1997 was a big chunk of change for me then but I decided that I needed to make a change.

I could not continue trading the same way.

New ideas and new methods were desperately required.

So I took the leap of faith and...

It was the BEST $1997 that I paid and invested in myself because that $1997 has not returned 100X and more and still growing everyday.

Most of my strategies today use the 140 different strategies that he taught in his Forex Course and I continue to create powerful strategies using different combinations of standard indicators.  

This Forex Course built my technical foundation and my understanding of market structures.

Even more... it opened my mind that I could actually build my own strategies!

And in my experiments, I realised that actually any kind of trading method can be automated.

From Western indicators to Charts Patterns and even to more complex Harmonic Patterns...
EVERYTHING can be automated without the risk of the human factor or emotions... 

System Rules like technical crossovers...

Chart Patterns detection like Head and Shoulders...

Harmonic Pattern like Gartley Patterns...

Time to trade – when to trade and when not to trade...

Trading only during the most volatile times
Lot size and money management

If Trading Rules can be automated by using modern technology...
Why Do We Still Trade Manually?

My trading mentor was right.

I was blown away as I never put much thought to it.

I never thought successful automation in trading is possible.

When I searched for more information, I found out that even the Big Financial Institutions are already on automation too.

Even the Banks are automated...

If you think the Banks do not use automated strategies, then please take a look at this article from Reuters.... It's pretty clear from this article that even the Banks are using automated solutions.



Automation is the Answer...

This was my A-HA moment for me and the turning point in my trading journey! 

No wonder some traders looked so stressed and so worn out. 

And some traders always look good. —

It was at that moment I learned that the main real secret to professional trading and consistent result is through automated trading. 

Today... I don't really look at the market movements anymore yet I make a lot more money than when I was stressed out monitoring my screens all day long.

3 Secrets to Successful Trading


No other investment vehicle provides the kind of liquidity that the Forex market provides.
With $5 Trillion transacted daily and growing, the Forex market is the Biggest Market available to the retail trader. 
And with this kind of volume, we can scale to very large trade quantity without having to worry about not finding a buyer or seller.

The main thing I like very much about Forex is also the platform... MT4 platform.

This is the most open platform available.

Most stock brokers are still using their own proprietary platform which is terrible backwards compared to MT4. 

And the BEST part... MT4 allows traders to program their own unique algorithm.

And whatever rules that you can think about... it can be programmed. 

This actually obsoletes manual trading.

In the past, automated trading got a very bad name with horror stories of trading robots blowing up trading accounts overnight.

And it's still happening today.

This is why we are strong advocates of showing transparency in our trading record.

I really could not have diversified into so many strategies with so many portfolios on my own.

No human can manage so many accounts at one time with active trading happening almost every day.

This is Proof that trading technology is powerful and highly reliable when it's coded correctly.

It's kinda like what George Fuechsel, an IBM programmer and instructor, who famously used the term "Garbage in, Garbage out."  

What he meant was that if you input crap into a computer, it will just spew out crap.

Imagine you typing gibberish into Microsoft Words, what kind of Word document will you produce? 

Technology is only as powerful as the programmer.

And the programmer is only as powerful as the trader.

And the best thing we can do as traders is to select a portfolio that is 100% verified by MyFxBook or FxBlue. 


This Secret #2 will take some BIG shift in mindset and you must keep an open mind. 

The first thing you have to do is to remember this simple concept.

It is NOT the HOW!

It is the WHO!

You don't have to do everything yourself.

The concept is to find/hire someone who can do it for you.

Imagine this... if you want build a house, would you learn to build it yourself?

Or would you coordinate and bring together a group of skilled teams to help you build the house?

It's time to change the mindset of "how to do it" to "who can I call do it"

You really just need to build a rolodex of capable wireman, plumber, roofer, tiler, and gardener to build a very nice house.

How anyone can be a world class trader instantly without the need to learn how to trade?

This is the easy part actually.

We usually overcomplicate matters by trying to do things on our own. 

The key is... for you find who you want to copy.

Here's the simple riddle... how can you become as good as Warren Buffett?
ANSWER: Just copy ALL his investments when he makes it in real time. 

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

Instead, you just need to know how what kind of EA to use or even better who you can copy!

Imagine if you can mirror all of Jim Rogers, George Soros, Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett 
(even though he does not even trade) or Peter Lynch.

Would you copy their trades?
Most will answer Probably YES!

Every single trade that they made... would you copy their trades?
Or even Michael Dell, Bill Gates, and the late Steve Jobs... 
would you copy their trades or investments in real time if you had the chance?

I bet you would because you know their track record.

These are legendary traders and investors and if given a change most people would copy all their trades. 

In the world we live in today, we just wanna copy traders who has a solid track record and solid risk management. 

This is why I personally feel we no longer need to learn how to trade if we know how to use and read 3rd party verification service like MyFxBook and FX Blue.

These services will tell you what you need to know about a trader.

A trader who does not want to link their portfolio to these services must be AVOIDED as a Fund Manager. 

Your sole responsibility as a trader is to find other better traders than you.

If you can copy their trades verbatim, then you become them without even trading.

Are you beginning to see how this is the most reliable path to success?

Or do you still prefer to learn the painful way?

Trading is truly simplified when you get to choose the right type of portfolio that suits your style.

Secret #3: Manage Trading as a Business

This is the easy part that most traders fail eventually. Once you have a powerful system working for you, the easiest part is sometimes the hardest part. It's actually treating your trading like a business.

Most traders want to trade. They want to make all the decisions.
They have the need to be in control.

What they do not know is that, this makes them indispensable to the business.
When you are indispensable to your business, you need to keep working.
And when you don't work, then income stops.
When you are on vacation, then income stops.
When you are sick, the income stops.

Making yourself dispensable is a business skill.
It's when you manage strategies.
It's when you have time freedom.

If the right strategy is chosen, then the portfolio should be growing at a steady rate. 

Then, the next best form of defense is to withdraw your trading capital as soon as possible.

While this is not in any way a show of no confidence, it's always the smart thing to do.

In a world full of uncertainty,  capital preservation is always top priority.

This is the part we do... we systematically withdraw our trading capital (hopefully 100% of it) before we scale further. 

And the part that we do best when we execute Secret #2 is that we can deploy new strategies very quickly without having to re-learn or even worse re-invent new strategies.  

Not all strategies can work in all market conditions. In order to make our overall trading portfolio more robust, we diversify into multiple portfolios using , multiple strategies for each portfolio.

And each portfolios are independent of each other.

Since the strategies for each portfolio is different from each other, there is a remote rare chance that we will suffer losses concurrently or at the same time.

We defend each portfolio strictly using prudent money management and stop loss measure.

Then we systematically withdraw our profit monthly.

And finally we scale our trading business using other proven strategies and diversify our portfolio into multiple portfolios.

And this is where I am right now... with over 20 different portfolios running different strategies that's independent of each other.

This is the Power of Leverage!

When you have systems in place working for you...
You have time freedom.
You have location freedom.

Magic Happens When You Combine ALL 3 Secrets
These Secrets Empowered Me to Run Trading as a Business

Using these 3 secrets as my guidance, I am not longer really a trader who needs to monitor my trading monitor nor do I need to place trades manually anymore.

I am really managing a trading business.

This is also how I have all the time in the world today while my "employees" trade my portfolios for me.

I no longer watch the monitor waiting for something to happen.

Heck... I don't even read the news much these days yet my weekly and monthly profit outperforms most traders out there.

I am not saying all this to boast.

Boasting is not cool.

I am just sharing to show you that it's really possible to automate the entire trading business.

Do you really want to watch your computer screen all the time or do you want to manage your trading as a business? 

If you can truly understand the concepts of these 3 secrets that I have just shared with you then you will might find that my offer to help you very interesting.

I am proud to introduce you to...


Profit By Friday is created to bring you the fastest result in trading. 

By using Copy Trading Technology, you will mirror our results and at the same time, you will go through a step by step video course to learn how you can create your own strategy.

Profit by Friday is a learn while you earn program.

While learning to trade can take years to learn and to master, one major component of Profit by Friday allows you to instantly copy trades from an already profitable portfolio.

Here's What You Get with

1. Diversify101 Copy Trading Service (Value $2997)
You get to copy a portfolio with a 340% Gain in 12 Months!
3 Years Full Access to the Copy Trading Service that has helped hundreds of traders around the world generate over $100,000 in profit in less than 12 months. This is program is designed to help you make money while you learn how to trade so that it pays the bills for all your trading education. 

2. Scalper101 Copy Trading Service (Value $1997)
You get to copy a portfolio with a 440% Gain in 6 Months!
You will also get 3 Years Full Access to a Hyper Growth Strategy that has a proven track record from turning a small $600 to $3000 in just 6 months. This program is designed to generate high profit dollars from a small account. You can start making back the price for Profit By Friday when you turn on this money making machine. 

3. The Complete Professional Forex Trading Course (Value $5997)
If you have always wanted to learn how to mix and match technical indicators, then this is the course that will bring you from Zero to Hero. You get Unlimited access to a Step by Step Video Series that will show you how to combine different Indicators and to create your very own strategies that you can use to trade on your own, or even to market to other traders if it's profitable. This Professional Forex Course will open up new windows in your trading journey.

4. The Elite Swing Trader System (Value $497)
You get to Full Access to this proven system together with the MT4 Indicators that will provide you clarity in the ever volatile Forex Market. You will understand how to read the market using proven Swing Trader Methodology that will consistently yield positive results.

5. Super Forex Launcher (Value $497)
While most strategies are focused on momentum trading, The Super Forex Launcher is designed to guide you catch critical reversal points in the market. And if you can do it consistently enough, you will begin to enjoy short trades and quick profits whenever there is abnormality in the market place.

INCLUDED! 3 Years of Virtual Hosting for Diversify101 and Scalper101
(Value $1800)
We will host your 2 MT4 accounts for FREE for 3 years. Our Virtual Servers 99.9% uptime environment. You have peace of mind knowing that your MT4 accounts are working hard for you even when you are asleep or out spending quality time with your family. VPS are expensive with some VPS costing as much $50 per month. We understand that very well which is why we will absorb the cost of VPS by including the virtual hosting in Profit By Friday.

INCLUDED! Hassle Free Installation Service (Value $990)
When you join Profit By Friday today, you don't have to worry about the installation which can bog many people down. We will install for you end to end and get your account ready for trading.

Profit By Friday Summary

1. Diversify101 Copy Trading Service (Value $2997)
2. Scalper101 Copy Trading Service (Value $1997)

3. The Complete Professional Forex Trading Course (Value $5997)
4. The Elite Swing Trader System (Value $497)

5. Super Forex Launcher (Value $497)
6. Fast Action Bonus: Virtual Hosting for 2 Accounts (Value $1800)
7. Fast Action Bonus: Hassle Free Installation (Value $990)

Total Value:  $14,775

Total Value to Have Full Access to Profit By Friday: $14,775

Although I could charge Profit By Friday at $14,775... 
I won't because my main intention is to get traders trading profitably quickly.

Other trading courses that offer far less than Profit By Friday are even charging at $5000, $6000, or even $8000.

The most important priority is to get you to become a profitable trader as soon as possible. 

I’m going to let you FULL ACCESS to  
Profit By Friday, easily worth
the $14,775, for just 

ONE Payment of ONLY $997!!!!

So let me ask you this...

If ALL this did was just help you become profitable and help you gain JOY and confidence in trading on your VERY first week of implementation, would it be worth $997?


If ALL this did was just to put you on the right track on the financial path and allow you to spend more time with your Family, would it be worth $997?


And If ALL this did was to turn a small $600 portfolio to become $3000 in 6 months,
would it be worth $997?

It's Really a NO BRAINER!

What if you have a bigger starting capital like $10,000? 
That could well become $40,000 in less than 6 months.

You Have 2 Options at this point...

You’ve got two options, at this point.

You can keep trading and losing money week after week which is the fastest way to drop out of the trading business and not grow your portfolio... 

Or, you can start leveraging the proven strategies that has helped me live a life of time and location freedom and you are copying everything in Real Time.

You also get proven manual indicators that you can use to horn your skills as a complete trader.

Done the RIGHT way and copying my own proven strategies that I personally use and now built for you in Profit By Friday, you have to shortest route to becoming a Profitable Trader.

I know as well as you do you’re not satisfied with where you are.

You’ve been looking for this for a long, long time, and now it’s here.

The only problem?

I don’t know how long I’m going to be offering this.

This isn’t one of those, “let’s make as much money as possible” things for me.

If it was, I wouldn’t charge a measly $997 for this entire package.

Sold individually... I actually make much more that this discounted price. 

So, please don’t wait around and think this will be here in a week or a month.

Heck, by this time next month you could withdrawing cash from your broker because of diversify101 and scalper101.

Or, you can close this page and think you can figure all this out on your own and be no closer to your goals this time next month.

In fact, the absolute WORST thing you could possibly do is leave this page and go back to doing things on your own.

…if we can be honest for a second, that hasn’t worked out too well, has it? 
If not you would not be out looking for another solution to make you profitable, right?

Why not invest in a proven system that’s literally made for you?

This isn’t another shiny object that works today and will be obsolete next week.

These systems are running live and are proven money maker for me and now you have full access to the systems and strategies that have given me time location freedom.

And to some extent given me the financial ability to do what I like, when I like, and with whom I like.

And it can do the same for you too.

You need to jump in on this before it’s too late. 

Remember, you’re here for a reason.

You've spent a LOT of $$$$$ on coaches, courses, training, or everything in between, right?? 

So have I! 

If you have been following my daily trade ideas, I bet that you've gotten MORE value from my other stuff than most of the folks you paid, true??

Imagine what'll happen once you actually invest in my ENTIRE system.

It's time to make the right decision in the right direction.

Don't let yourself down. You are almost there.

Go ahead and join us on this fun trading journey now. 

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