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The Challenge with other IB Programs...

Ever noticed how every IB out there seems to chant the same mantra?

"Fast withdrawal, tight spreads, easy deposit, trade anything, and we’re regulated!" It’s like they’re reading off a generic brochure that every good broker hands out.

But here’s the truth: these are bare minimums. Every decent broker should offer these perks.

Now, let me spill some wisdom your way. In this crowded jungle of Forex, you need more than just the basics. You need an edge that screams, “Hey, we’re not just good; we’re exceptional!”

Let’s talk real talk here. Most IBs out there are stuck in a loop, obsessing over recruiting new trading clients like it's the ultimate endgame. But here’s the deal they're missing: retention is the unsung hero of this game.

Picture this: without retention, it’s like filling a leaky bucket. You keep pouring water (i.e. clients) in, but it just keeps dripping out. You end up running around in circles, exhausting yourself without making any real progress.

Now, here’s the harsh reality check: a whopping 96% of traders lose money. Yep, you heard it right.

So, if you’re not focusing on retention, you're setting yourself up for a tough ride. With such odds, the retention rate is naturally going to be lower probably faster than they can recruit.

How to Increase Retention and Recruitment Rate with a 
Unique Selling Point?

Let's face it, the struggle for traders is real.

Sure, you can find tons of it online, but mastering trading? That's a whole different universe. It's like trying to learn rocket science while juggling flaming torches - not exactly a walk in the park.

Oh boy, don't get me started. Sure, there are indicators out there, but most are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. And let's not forget trader discipline. It’s like telling a kid not to touch the candy - easier said than done.

Automated Solution?
Now, the magical solution everyone dreams of: EAs, the holy grail of consistent profits, right? Well, not quite. Most EAs out there might as well be throwing darts blindfolded - they're just not cutting it. And the ones that do work? Prepare your wallet because they cost more than a small car.

So, where does that leave us?
Right at the crossroads of frustration and despair. But fear not, because at Profit By Friday, we’ve got the secret sauce to turn this whole game around.

But, here’s where we break the cycle.

Breaking The Cycle and Increasing Your Results

At Profit By Friday, we’re not just about getting traders through the door; we’re about making sure they stay and thrive. We’re not here to offer empty promises; we’re here to provide real value, real support, and real results.

Picture this: you, as the IB, holding a golden ticket. A basket of successful portfolios with MyFxBook track record so solid, it practically sings success.

Now, imagine your future clients not just admiring that track record but mirroring every trade, effortlessly. How? Through the magic of copy trading technology.

That’s right, no more endless recruitment battles. No more sleepless nights worrying about client retention. With this approach, your clients simply follow the path you’ve paved, replicating your success with each trade. It’s like having your own army of profit-making clones.

But here’s the best part: they're always in the driver’s seat. Total control over their funds, whenever they want it. Need to deposit more? Easy. Want to cash out? No problem. It’s their money, their decisions, all the time.

Imagine a world where your clients don’t just stay; they plant their roots deep and flourish. 

As their portfolio grows, fueled by the power of our proven strategies, they don’t hesitate to add more deposits.


Because they’re not just seeing profits; they’re witnessing their wealth multiply right before their eyes.

And when they add more deposits, it’s like pouring fuel on the fire of their success. Their trading volume skyrockets, and with each trade, they’re not just earning money; they’re building a legacy. They're not just growing their investment; they're creating a financial empire.

Now, here’s the beauty of it all: you don’t have to chase them down for these deposits. You don’t have to send countless emails or make endless phone calls, begging them to invest more. No more playing the role of a financial babysitter.


Because they trust the process. They’ve seen the results, felt the gains, and they know that with each additional dollar they invest, their potential for even greater profits multiplies exponentially.

No Need to Hard Sell Anymore!

It’s not about convincing them anymore; it’s about showing them the path and letting them walk it confidently, knowing that every step they take is leading them toward unprecedented financial growth. It’s a relationship built on trust, transparency, and undeniable results.

Welcome to a new era of effortless client engagement, where your clients don’t just stick around; they thrive, and they invite others to join the journey too.

Here's the best part: when they witness the remarkable results our strategies deliver, it’s not just excitement they experience. It’s a natural urge to share their success.

Imagine this: a satisfied client turned enthusiastic advocate, bringing their friends, family, and colleagues on board. And guess what?

When they invite others, they're not just building their own wealth; they're becoming advocates for Profit By Friday.

But here's where it gets even more exciting: this isn't your typical referral program. It's a chain reaction, a network of traders turned promoters. Your satisfied client becomes an IB, introducing others to the incredible world of Profit By Friday. And here’s the real game-changer – this network effect doesn’t stop at just one level. It goes deep, up to 5 levels in fact.

Oh No! Another Pyramid Scheme or Another Money Game?

Now, you might be wondering, “Is this some kind of pyramid scheme?”

Let me assure you, it's not. In a pyramid scheme, only the people at the top benefit and the scheme requires more and more investors to sustain the pyramid.

But in the vast $6 trillion-a-day Forex market, everyone has the potential to profit. It’s not about taking money from others; it’s about tapping into the immense opportunities this market offers. It’s about empowering each participant to thrive, whether they’re a trader or an IB.

So, what you have here is a network of passionate individuals, all connected by their success in the forex market, all benefiting from the incredible potential it holds. It’s not a pyramid; it’s a thriving community, where everyone rises together, fueled by the boundless possibilities of the Forex world.

Potential Income Streams

Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities with Profit By Friday. Let's explore the incredible income streams waiting for you:

1. Trading Profits (Optional):
Here’s where we usually start  – Trading Profits. When you align with Profit By Friday as an affiliate, consider mirroring our trades. This not only amplifies your confidence in the services you promote but also opens a doorway to direct trading profits. It’s an optional yet powerful income stream, ensuring your financial journey is robust and multifaceted. This takes only $100 to start copy to build your confidence.

2. Broker Commission:
In the dynamic world of forex, trading volume is the heartbeat of earnings. Win or lose, our broker commissions are intricately tied to trading volume. The beauty? Our cutting-edge strategies ensure consistent profit and trading volume. Whether the market is up or down, your earnings keep flowing.

Imagine you have a trading client named Sarah. Sarah starts trading with Profit By Friday and decides to invest $10,000 in the forex market. Now, in the traditional scenario, brokers might offer a fixed commission per trade, regardless of the outcome. However, with Profit By Friday, things work differently.

With our innovative approach, Sarah's earnings, as well as our commissions, are intricately tied to her trading volume. Let’s say Sarah places 10 trades in a week, with varying outcomes – some profitable and some not so much.

Now, consider this: during that week, Sarah’s total trading volume sums up to $200,000 (based on the size of her trades). In the conventional model, her trades might yield profits on some days and losses on others. But with Profit By Friday’s cutting-edge strategies, Sarah manages to maintain a consistent trading volume, regardless of market fluctuations.

Here’s where the beauty lies: our broker commissions are calculated based on this trading volume, not just on the profitable trades. Whether Sarah wins on a trade and the market is up, or if she faces a loss and the market is down, her trading volume remains stable.

Let’s assume the broker commission rate is 1 pip per lot traded. For Sarah’s $200,000 trading volume, the broker commission would be $20 per trade (considering 1 pip equals $1 for this example). Since Sarah placed 10 trades, the total broker commission for the week would be $200.

Now, imagine Sarah continues trading with Profit By Friday, maintaining a consistent trading volume of $200,000 every week. Regardless of whether her trades result in profits or losses, her trading volume ensures a stable flow of broker commissions. The more she trades and maintains her volume, the more consistent her earnings become.

This approach ensures that even in a fluctuating market, your earnings keep flowing steadily. It’s not just about making money during good market conditions; it’s about maintaining a consistent trading volume, which guarantees a reliable stream of income, week after week.

This is how Profit By Friday’s broker commission structure, intricately tied to trading volume, ensures a stable and consistent flow of earnings for both you and your clients, regardless of market ups and downs.

3. A Generous 50% Profit Share:
Imagine your clients navigating the markets with our potent strategies, consistently raking in profits. Every week, we collect a 30% performance fee from their earnings. And guess what? You, as a Profit By Friday affiliate, enjoy an impressive 50% of our 30% performance fee. It’s not just a share; it’s your ticket to a substantial income, effortlessly multiplying with each successful trade.

Let me expand on the concept of the 50% Profit Share with an illustrative example to demonstrate how it works and how it leads to substantial income growth for Profit By Friday affiliates.

Consider your trading client, Alex, who invests $5,000 with Profit By Friday. With our potent trading strategies, Alex makes consistent profits over the week. Let’s say, after deducting the 30% performance fee, Alex's total trading profit for the week is $1,000.

Now, Profit By Friday collects a 30% performance fee from Alex's earnings, which amounts to $300 in this case. Here’s where your generous 50% Profit Share comes into play.

From this $300 fee, as a Profit By Friday affiliate, you receive an impressive 50%. That means, out of Alex’s $300 performance fee, you earn $150.

Let’s break it down:

1. Alex’s Weekly Profit:  $1,000
2. Performance Fee (30% of $1,000):  $300
3. Your Profit Share (50% of $300):  $150

This $150 is yours to keep, and it's effortlessly multiplied with every successful trade your clients make. Imagine if you have multiple clients like Alex, each generating profits consistently. With each trade, not only does your client’s wealth grow, but so does your income.

Now, let’s imagine you have five clients like Alex, all making similar profits. That would mean a performance fee of $300 from each client per week. With your 50% Profit Share, you would earn $150 from each client, totaling $750 in a week.

This example illustrates how your earnings multiply as your clients’ profits grow. It's not just about a one-time commission; it's about building a consistent, substantial income stream that grows with the success of your clients. The more successful trades your clients make, the more you earn, creating a powerful win-win situation for everyone involved.

This generous 50% Profit Share isn’t just a share; it’s your gateway to financial abundance, effortlessly multiplying with each successful trade your clients execute.

4. Network Effect Commission:
Now, here’s where the magic of networking unfolds. When your clients achieve consistent results, they naturally become evangelists. Their excitement spreads like wildfire, attracting friends who want in on the action.

This creates a powerful network effect, stretching up to 5 levels deep. Picture this: a network of IBs, all promoting Profit By Friday, all contributing to your earnings.

Let’s dive into the concept of Network Effect Commission with a detailed example to illustrate how it works and how it can lead to a widespread network of IBs, all contributing to your earnings.

Imagine you have a client, Emily, who starts trading with Profit By Friday. Emily is a dedicated trader and, with our effective strategies, consistently generates profits. Impressed by her success, Emily shares her experience with her friend, Chris. Chris, inspired by Emily’s results, decides to become an Introducing Broker (IB) under Profit By Friday, inviting more people to join.

Now, here’s where the magic happens:

Level 1: Emily (Your Direct Client)
- Emily, your direct client, starts promoting Profit By Friday to her network. She attracts Chris, who becomes her Level 1 referral.

Level 2: Chris (Level 1 Referral)
- Chris, excited by the opportunity, introduces two more traders, Lisa and Mike, to Profit By Friday. They become Chris’s Level 2 referrals.

Level 3: Lisa and Mike (Level 2 Referrals)
- Lisa and Mike, now part of Profit By Friday, each bring in another trader, Sarah and John, respectively, creating Level 3 referrals.

Level 4: Sarah and John (Level 3 Referrals)
- Sarah and John, motivated by their earnings, invite more traders, Amanda and David, leading to Level 4 referrals.

Level 5: Amanda and David (Level 4 Referrals)
- Amanda and David, enthusiastic about their profitable trades, introduce their contacts, Mark and Laura, resulting in Level 5 referrals.

In this scenario, Emily, your initial client, has formed a network up to 5 levels deep, each level consisting of motivated traders turned IBs. Now, every trade made by these individuals contributes not only to their earnings but also to yours. The network effect amplifies your earnings as it expands, creating a chain reaction of referrals, all promoting Profit By Friday.

Imagine if each trader in this network conducts just 10 trades a week. With a percentage of their trading volume flowing back as commissions up the levels, your earnings grow exponentially with each trade made by anyone in your network. It’s a domino effect, where the success of one trader cascades into the success of others, and ultimately, into your own financial growth.

This powerful network of IBs, all inspired by Profit By Friday’s success, not only enhances their income but also ensures a steady stream of commissions flowing into your account. It’s a symbiotic relationship, where everyone benefits and contributes to the collective success of the network.

This, my friend, is the magic of the Network Effect Commission – a continuously expanding web of traders turned promoters, all working together to boost your earnings to unprecedented heights.

This isn’t just a business. It’s an ecosystem of endless potential.

With Profit By Friday, your income isn’t just stable; it’s soaring.

So, why wait? 

Dive in, let our strategies work their magic, and watch your income climb to heights you’ve only dreamt of. The first step is to open an account with our broker. Sign up and open your account first with our broker. Then write to us if you need help. pipstrategy [@]

After you have opened your Roboforex account and have your account verified, you will need to open a Partners account by clicking on "Partners"

Click on Open Account, and you will have a Affiliate Account where you can direct all your Partner commissions to this account. You should now have your Affiliate code generated and it should look like SXVS (which is our Affiliate Code).

You can get all your referral links on this page. Click here...

This is just the 1st Step which is to get your referring clients to open an account under your IB link... Your link should look like this...

Replace XXXX with your Affiliate code.

This is for Step 1.

How to Create Your Affiliate Link to Promote Profit By Friday Portfolios and Enjoy 50% Profit Share?

You will have to get this step right. Here's how to do it...

As you probably know now, we have several portfolios that are good...

Super Gold Scalper:  Click here to create your affiliate link

Small 2 Big:   Click here to create your affiliate link

Gold Rocket:  Click here to create your affiliate link

Once you have this 2 affiliate links created, then you can just send this to your referring clients...

1️⃣ Open Your Roboforex Account and deposit with a min of $100
Click on the following link

2️⃣ Set Up Copying:
Once your account is verified, click here to set up copying

This is the track record for Small 2 Big

And this is it! Send the above to your network and watch your IB commissions grow consistently. 

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