March 31

How to Become RoboForex Business Partner?


RoboForex, a leading international broker, offers various partnership opportunities for individuals and businesses looking to venture into the world of online trading. Becoming a RoboForex business partner can be a lucrative endeavor, providing avenues for both passive income and active involvement in the financial markets.

Profit By Friday offers an enticing opportunity for individuals seeking to earn passive income through affiliate marketing in the financial industry. However, before diving into the Profit By Friday affiliate program, aspiring affiliates must first establish a partnership with RoboForex, a prominent international broker. This is because we use RoboForex Copy trading platform and RoboForex complex Affiliate Structure to support all our affiliates.

How to Become RoboForex Business Partner?

First step to becoming a RoboForex Affiliate is to open your account with RoboForex and to have yourself verified.

You can open your RoboForex Account here…click here to start

Once you have opened your RoboForex Account and have your account verified, we can move to opening a RoboForex Partner account.

Click on Partner and proceed to open your Partner Account.

Once you have successfully opened your partner account, you should see a page like the above. is my partner link… yours should look similar.

SXVS is my affiliate code. You should have your by now…

This is the link you pass to your clients to sign up and open a RoboForex account.

You partner account should be created and it’s recommended to link your partner account to Metatrader 4 on your smartphone to track your daily commissions.

How to Promote Profit By Friday Portfolios on RoboForex?

Once you have created your partner account, it’s time to create the link to promote any of our portfolios on RoboForex.

As an example to promote Small 2 Big, you will have to get the link to Small 2 Big first.

Click here for the link to Small to Big…


Click on Create Your Affiliate Link… and you should see the Affiliate link…

This is the Small 2 Big Affiliate link to promote…

Bear in mind, the above is my link… you will have to create your own promo link…


Once this is done, then you now have 2 links for the 2 steps to join…

Step 1…Open a RoboForex Trading Account

Step 2…Connect Your Trading Account to Small 2 Big…

And that’s it.

It’s simple and it’s easy to promote Profit By Friday on RoboForex…

Opening a RoboForex partner account is the crucial first step towards becoming a Profit By Friday affiliate and tapping into the lucrative opportunities offered by affiliate marketing in the financial industry. By carefully navigating the registration process, meeting requirements, and gaining approval from RoboForex, aspiring affiliates can embark on their journey towards earning passive income through the Profit By Friday affiliate program, leveraging the robust infrastructure and reputable services provided by RoboForex.


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