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Here's How it Works in 3 Simple Steps...

Generate Consistent Weekly Income with Profit By Friday

Profit by Friday is a cutting edge trading solution provider that provides
end-to-end trading trading solution for all levels of traders. You can mirror all our
trades in real-time, and it’s Free for you to start following our trades.

Step 1: Open Your New Forex Account 

Open and fund your new Forex account with our appointed Brokers to start trading.

Step 2: Select Your Portfolio

Choose any of the Profit By Friday portfolios that you would like to mirror.

Step 3: Connect Your Trading Account to Our Account 

This step takes less than 1 minute to connect.


Step 1: Open Your New Forex Trading Account

Do this step first before going further.
Click here to open your account

The broker is reputable with easy withdrawal and regulated. Open your account and fund your trading account with a minimum of $100.


Step 2: Decide Which Portfolio is for you...

We have a few portfolios that are profitable. Each having different strategies. So please select the portfolio that you like. 


Step 3: Connect Your Trading Account to our Account...

All you need to do now is to connect your account to ours by clicking on "INVEST"

Profit By Friday Portfolios

At Profit By Friday, we understand that your investment journey is as unique as you are. That's why we offer a diverse array of portfolios, each meticulously crafted to cater to different risk appetites and return objectives.

Our portfolios are designed with precision, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose a strategy that aligns perfectly with your financial goals. We categorize our portfolios into three distinct risk levels, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your comfort with risk.

1. Low Risk Portfolios:
Stop Loss: 15% or less

2. Moderate Risk Portfolios:
Stop Loss: 30% or less

3. High Risk Portfolios:
Stop Loss: 50% or less

Each portfolio within Profit By Friday is not just a combination of investments; it's a tailored approach designed to achieve specific ROI goals while managing the associated risk. Whether you prefer the stability of low-risk investments, the balance of moderate-risk strategies, or the excitement of high-risk opportunities, our portfolios are curated to reflect your unique risk tolerance and financial aspirations.

With our stop loss mechanisms in place, you can copy our trades with confidence, knowing that your losses are limited according to your chosen risk level.

At Profit By Friday, your financial success is our priority, and our portfolios are meticulously designed to help you achieve your investment objectives, regardless of your risk appetite.

Small 2 Big


Small 2 Big
Trading Pair: XAUUSD
Minimum Account Size: $100
Account Type: PRIME or ECN

Risk Level: High
Affiliate Code: ghxz

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Super Gold Scalper


Super Gold Scalper
Trading Pair: XAUUSD
Minimum Account Size: $100
Account Type: PRIME or ECN
Risk Level: Low

Affiliate Code: ghxz

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Gold Rocket


Gold Rocket
Trading Pair: XAUUSD
Minimum Account Size: $100
Account Type: PRIME or ECN
Risk Level: High

Affiliate Code: ghxz

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know that Profit By Friday is a reliable strategy provider?

This is the main reason why we use MyFxBook to verified all our trades and we do not hide anything in our MyFxBook track record. You can go through every aspect of our trading approach with our MyFXbook Link.

2. How do I start using Profit By Friday?
You can start in 3 steps. Firstly, open your new broker account. Secondly, review and select the portfolio that you would like copy, and finally, third step, connect your account to our portfolio. All 3 steps can be done within 10 minutes.

3. Why is it free to join?
There is nothing to pay to start copying. You pay only when you have profits.

4. Are your brokers reliable?
Yes of course. We believe in them that is why we have our own real trading account with them. And these brokers have high review ratings on Forex Peace Army.

5. What if I want to use my own brokers?
Sorry, that cannot happen with Profit By Friday. It has to be from this particular broker as we are using their copy trading technology. 

6. Do I deposit my cash with you?
No. Not at all. You have to open the trading account with the broker under your name and you deposit your funds with the broker. We have no access to your funds except to just trade for you using our algorithm via the broker platform.

7. How can I monitor my trades and account progress?
You have access to your account at all times. You just need to download MetaTrader 4 onto your smartphone and monitor your account.

8. What is copy trading?
Copy trading is a method of trading where individuals can automatically replicate the trades of experienced traders. It involves connecting your trading account to a platform that offers copy trading services. By doing so, you can select successful traders to follow, and their trades will be replicated in your account in real-time.

9. How does copy trading work?
Copy trading works by establishing a connection between your trading account and the account of the trader you wish to copy. Once the connection is established, whenever the trader executes a trade, it is automatically replicated in your account, including the entry price, stop loss, take profit levels, and position size. The trades are executed proportionally to the funds you allocate for copying.

10. Can I choose the traders I want to copy?
Yes, copy trading platforms typically allow you to browse and choose from a selection of portfolios based on their performance, trading style, and risk profile. You can assess various factors such as historical returns, risk management, and trading strategies to make an informed decision about which traders to copy.

11. What are the benefits of copy trading?
Copy trading offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows less experienced traders to participate in the markets by following the trades of successful traders. It provides an opportunity to learn from their strategies and decision-making processes. Additionally, it saves time and effort, as you don't have to conduct in-depth market analysis yourself. Copy trading can also provide diversification by copying multiple traders with different approaches.

12. Is copy trading suitable for beginners?
Yes, copy trading can be particularly useful for beginners. It allows them to gain exposure to the forex market and learn from experienced traders without having to possess extensive knowledge or experience. By observing the trades and strategies of successful traders, beginners can acquire insights into the market and gradually develop their trading skills.

13. What risks should I be aware of when copy trading?
While copy trading can be beneficial, it's important to be aware of the risks involved. The performance of the traders you copy is not guaranteed, and there is always a possibility of losses. It's crucial to thoroughly research and select the portfolios based on their track records and risk management practices. 

14. Can I manually intervene in copied trades?
You have the option to manually intervene in copied trades. You can close or modify individual trades based on your own analysis, risk management preferences, or market conditions. 

15. How do I get started with copy trading?
To get started with copy trading, it is simple. You need to follow a few steps stated above.

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