Did you know that in the 2 decades, gold has outperformed most major stock indices, growing by over 429%? 

Now imagine having a tool that lets you ride this golden wave effortlessly. Super Gold Scalper does just that, turning market trends into your personal profit playground.

Gold isn’t just a metal; it’s a treasure trove of opportunities. Every market shift, every geopolitical event, creates a ripple effect in the gold market. Super Gold Scalper doesn’t just predict these ripples; it surfs them, turning market movements into a stream of consistent profits.

Gold Price vs DJIA for the past 20 years

In the world of investments, gold stands tall as the ultimate safe haven.

What if I told you that Super Gold Scalper can not only safeguard your investments but also make them grow exponentially? 

It’s not just a trading tool; it’s your ticket to a golden future.

Gold isn’t influenced by market gossip or corporate scandals. It’s influenced by global events, making it one of the most resilient investment vehicle.

With Super Gold Scalper, you don’t just trade gold; you trade certainty. It’s like having a crystal ball for the financial world.

Ever wondered why central banks hoard gold? 

It’s because they understand its true value. Super Gold Scalper puts the same understanding in your hands, enabling you to leverage gold’s stability for consistent, predictable profits.

Introducing Profit By Friday: Your Trusted Partner in Forex Trading

At Profit By Friday, we stand as a beacon of reliability and expertise in the ever-changing landscape of Forex trading. With years of industry experience and a proven track record, we have earned our reputation as a trusted name in the Forex market.

Our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to our clients make us the go-to choice for traders seeking consistent profits and unparalleled support.

In a world where trust is paramount, Profit By Friday is your steadfast partner, providing not just trading solutions, but a pathway to financial success. 

The Super Gold Scalper Strategy

A Proven Strategy with 80% Win Rate

Ever wished for a trading strategy that’s refreshingly straightforward? 

Here’s the beauty of it: No martingale. No grid. No hedging.

It's a no-nonsense approach that simply involves buying and selling, all while keeping the risks in check with a stop loss of just 6% per trade. That’s right, no convoluted schemes, just a clear-cut method that puts the power back in your hands.

But here's the real kicker - this strategy isn’t just another theory.

It’s battle-tested, with over 200 trades executed.

And you know what? It boasts a staggering win rate of over 80%.

Imagine that! In a world where uncertainty often rules, our strategy stands tall, consistently delivering results.

So, what’s the secret sauce? It’s not magic; it’s a meticulous blend of market insights, data analysis, and a touch of intuition.

We've fine-tuned this strategy to thrive in the ever-changing gold market, capturing opportunities while minimizing risks.

Now, I know you might be skeptical. There are countless strategies out there promising the moon and stars. But here’s the difference – we don’t just promise; we deliver.

Those 200+ trades? They weren’t just numbers; they were real opportunities seized, profits earned, and dreams fulfilled. We back these number by showing you our MyFxBook verified account.

Here's the Proof...

The proof is in the numbers, and they speak volumes.

Our Super Gold Scalper isn’t just a strategy; it’s a force to be reckoned with. 

How do we know?

Because it achieved something remarkable - a 100% Return on Investment (ROI) in just 4 months. Yes, you read that right.

Imagine doubling your investment in just four short months. It’s not a fantasy; it’s a reality for those who trusted in the power of Super Gold Scalper.

And here’s the kicker: it did so with a low drawdown of just 12%.

If you do not know what is a drawdown, click here for explanation.

That’s the kind of stability most traders can only dream of.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’re laying it all out for you to see. Our MyFxBook account tells the story, a story of consistent growth, calculated risks, and impressive returns. And a Win Rate of 80%.  

Key Highlights...

Our Super Gold Scalper has not just met expectations; it has blown them out of the water. Let’s break down these impressive statistics in simple terms, so you can truly grasp the magnitude of what Super Gold Scalper can do for you.

245 Trades executed in 4 months
Imagine 245 opportunities seized in the gold market. That’s 245 moments where our strategy worked its magic, making the right call, and securing profits. Each trade represents a carefully calculated move, a step toward your financial goals.

9620 Pips Extracted from the Gold Market
Pips are the heartbeat of forex trading. In our case, that’s a whopping 9620 pips earned. Now, think of a pip as a tiny unit of movement in the price of a currency pair, in this case, gold. This number signifies the incredible ground Super Gold Scalper has covered, turning small movements into substantial gains.

Win Ratio: 81% - Your Odds of Success
Picture this: 81 out of every 100 trades resulted in a win. That’s an 81% success rate. In the world of trading, where uncertainties lurk at every corner, this win ratio is nothing short of exceptional. It means that more often than not, our strategy gets it right, giving you the confidence to trade with assurance.

Profit Factor: 1.68 - A Measure of Profitability
Profit factor is a key indicator of how much money the strategy makes in relation to how much it loses. A profit factor of 1.68 signifies that for every dollar lost, Super Gold Scalper made $1.68 in profit. It’s a testament to the strategy’s ability to not just recover losses but to thrive, ensuring your account grows steadily.

Expectancy of 39.3 Pips or $4.67 - Your Potential Gains
Expectancy represents the average amount you can expect to win per trade. In our case, it’s a consistent 39.3 pips or $4.67 per trade. This isn’t just a number; it’s the real, tangible profit Super Gold Scalper brings to your trading account with each trade executed.

These statistics aren’t mere digits; they represent real opportunities seized, real profits earned, and real dreams fulfilled. With a track record this impressive, Super Gold Scalper isn’t just a strategy; it’s a game-changer for your financial future.

It's not hidden behind complex jargon or elusive promises; it’s right there, transparent and undeniable.

We believe in transparency because we understand that your financial security is at stake. We want you to see the proof, witness the power, and join the ranks of successful traders who trusted in Super Gold Scalper.

Ready to turn these statistics into your own success story?

Let’s make it happen together!!!

Extensive 10 Backtest

Let's dive deeper into the details and significance of the 10-year backtest results for our trading strategy.

Initial Deposit: $100
The fact that we started with a modest initial deposit of just $100 speaks to the accessibility of our trading strategy. Many people can enter the market with a relatively small amount of capital, and our goal is to help it grow significantly over time.

Ending Balance: $20,300.66
After a decade of applying our trading strategy, the ending balance of $20,300.66 showcases the potential for substantial growth. This represents an impressive increase of over 20,000% from the initial deposit. It's crucial to note that these results were achieved through a combination of careful risk management and effective trading principles.

Total Trades: 4043
Over the course of the 10-year backtest, our strategy executed a total of 4,043 trades. This number signifies the level of activity and engagement of our strategy. It reflects the dynamic nature of our approach, which identifies opportunities in the market to generate profits.

Win Ratio: 92%

Perhaps one of the most compelling aspects of our backtest results is the win ratio of 92%. This means that 92% of the trades executed during the 10-year period were profitable. Such a high win ratio suggests that our strategy has a consistent track record of making successful trades. It's a testament to the effectiveness of our approach in identifying profitable market movements.

These backtest results are more than just numbers; they represent the outcome of a decade of meticulous testing, optimization, and fine-tuning of our trading strategy. The data showcases the potential for substantial capital growth while maintaining a strong level of risk management and trade accuracy.

This impressive performance in the backtest provides a solid foundation for our confidence in transitioning to live trading and offering this strategy to you. It's important to remember that while past results can provide insights, trading always carries inherent risks, and it's crucial to use prudent risk management techniques when implementing any trading strategy. We are committed to supporting you in your trading journey, and we look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals using this proven strategy.

How to Get Super Gold Scalper?

Are you ready to embark on a journey where profits are just a click away?

Allow us to introduce you to Super Gold Scalper, our cutting-edge copy trading program that revolutionises the way you trade, ensuring your financial success is our top priority.

No Upfront Fees, Only Profits to Share
Here’s the best part: there are no entry fees to start copying all our trades. That’s right, zero initial cost. We believe in transparency and fairness, so we’ve eliminated the barriers that often hinder aspiring traders from diving into the world of profitable trading. It takes only $100 deposit to get started.

Understanding the 15% Performance Fee
Now, let’s talk about the nitty-gritty. There is a 15% performance fee, but here’s the twist—it’s deducted solely from your profits. You only pay when you earn, ensuring that every penny that leaves your account is a result of your successful trades. Worried about the calculations? Don’t be. Our broker takes care of all the math, processing the fees automatically every Saturday. All you need to do? Enjoy your weekend and gear up for another potential week of profitable trades.

Motivated for Your Success
Here’s what drives us: if there’s no profit, there’s no fee. Simple as that. Imagine our motivation – it's not just about our success; it's about ensuring your profitability every week. We’re in this together, and we thrive when you do. If there's ever a loss, rest assured, we work tirelessly to bring those highs back. It’s a commitment to fairness, ensuring that our success is directly linked to yours.

So, are you ready to experience a trading approach where your success is the heartbeat of our strategy?

2 Steps Away to Get Results

Now, picture this... a future where your financial dreams are not just possibilities but certainties.

Imagine trading with a strategy so powerful, it feels like having the Midas touch in the Forex market. With Super Gold Scalper, you're not just trading; you're making a statement in the world of finance.

This is your moment. The decision you make right now could redefine your entire financial trajectory. Are you ready to grasp this opportunity with both hands and pave the way for unparalleled success in Forex trading?

The clock is ticking, and the world of limitless profits is beckoning you.

Join the ranks of the financially liberated. Take that decisive step toward a future where your dreams are not just dreams—they're tangible realities.

Don't wait for tomorrow. Embrace the future you deserve.

Let Super Gold Scalper transform your Forex journey like never before...

2 Steps to Join...

Step 1: Open Your New Forex Account

Open and fund your new Forex account with our appointed Brokers to start trading.

Click Here to Open your Account

Account Type: ECN or Prime
Leverage: 1:30 min. 1:300 preferred.
Affiliate Code: SXVS
Minumum Deposit: $100

Step 2: Connect Your Trading Account

Now you just have to make sure your account is connected to Super Gold Scalper to replicate the same result.

Click here to Connect

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Let's Think Even Bigger...

Once you join Super Gold Scalper and begin reaping the rewards of our powerful trading strategy, it's only natural that you'd want to share your newfound success with your friends and family so they can experience the same financial growth.

But here's the really exciting part: When you refer your loved ones to Super Gold Scalper, not only do they get to benefit from our proven trading strategy, but you'll also enjoy significant financial perks as well. You'll receive a generous 7.5% of the performance fee from the profits generated by your direct referrals.

That's not all – we also reward your efforts through our IB (Introducing Broker) commission structure based on trading volume. This means that as your referrals actively trade and grow their portfolios, your commissions will continue to grow too. It's a win-win situation where your success is directly linked to the success of those you introduce to Super Gold Scalper.

As you share your success story with your social circle, your performance fee profits and IB commissions will see substantial growth in line with the increased trading volume driven by your referrals. It's a powerful way to not only benefit personally but also extend the opportunity for financial growth to those around you.

And here's the booster... like you, your direct referrals will also naturally share their results with their social circle, and you get to enjoy trading volume commissions up to 5 levels deep. As this network effect takes hold, your trading volume commissions will explode to unlimited heights. It's a cascading opportunity for financial growth that multiplies as your referrals bring in more traders, creating a thriving community of success.

Building Your Legacy...

Joining Super Gold Scalper is not just about trading anymore. It's about building a business. And ultimately, it's about building a legacy for your family that will stand the test of time.

When you become a part of the Super Gold Scalper community, you're embarking on a journey that transcends the world of trading. You're becoming an entrepreneur, a visionary, and a custodian of your family's financial future.

📈 A Thriving Business: With our robust referral program and the opportunity to earn substantial commissions from your network's trading volume, you're not just trading; you're creating a thriving business. Your success as a trader is interconnected with the prosperity of your network.

💪 Securing Generations to Come: By growing your business within the Super Gold Scalper ecosystem, you're doing more than ensuring your own financial stability. You're laying the foundation for a legacy that will support your children, grandchildren, and beyond. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

🚀 Limitless Possibilities: As your network expands and traders within it share their success stories with their own circles, your earning potential knows no bounds. Your legacy grows with each new member, and your financial impact multiplies exponentially.

Join Super Gold Scalper today and embark on this extraordinary journey of building a lasting legacy for you and your family. It's more than just trading; it's a pathway to financial empowerment, generational wealth, and a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

2 Steps to Join...

Step 1: Open Your New Forex Account

Open and fund your new Forex account with our appointed Brokers to start trading.

Click Here to Open your Account

Account Type: ECN or Prime
Leverage: 1:30 min. 1:300 preferred.
Affiliate Code: SXVS
Minumum Deposit: $100

Step 2: Connect Your Trading Account

Now you just have to make sure your account is connected to Super Gold Scalper to replicate the same result.

Click here to Connect

Remember to click on "SUBSCRIBE".

Thank You...

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your time and attention. The fact that you've read this far means you're not just a dreamer; you're someone who takes action, someone who recognizes opportunities when they see them.

By joining Super Gold Scalper, you've demonstrated your commitment to your own financial success. You've shown that you're not content with mediocrity; you're aiming for excellence. And that’s exactly what Super Gold Scalper offers—a path to unparalleled success in Forex trading.

Your decision today is a pivotal one. It's the bridge between your current situation and the future you've always envisioned. With Super Gold Scalper, you're not just joining a service; you're investing in your own financial freedom, in the life you've always wanted to lead.

I encourage you to take that leap of faith. Seize this opportunity, and let Super Gold Scalper be the catalyst for your Forex triumphs.

Feel free to reach out to me personally at or via email at pipstrategy [@] gmail.com. I'm here to assist you in any way I can, ensuring your journey with Super Gold Scalper is as smooth and successful as possible.

Remember, the future belongs to those who dare to act. Be one of the few who make decisions that change their lives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I get the exact same results?
Absolutely! When you choose to copy our trades, you can expect identical results. If we win, you win, and if we face a loss, you'll experience the same. It's a direct reflection of our commitment to transparency and fairness. However, take confidence in the fact that our past trading performance, as highlighted above, demonstrates the robustness of our strategy. This solid foundation increases the likelihood of continued success. Your journey with us is not just about copying trades; it's about sharing in the wins and learning from the losses. Together, we navigate the markets with a solid strategy and a commitment to your financial success.

2. What's the Minimum Deposit to Start?
We've made it incredibly accessible for you to get started on your trading journey. The minimum deposit is set at just $100. Why?
Because we want you to feel confident and at ease with us before considering any larger commitments. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we believe in earning your trust every step of the way. Start small, experience the results, and when you're ready, you can add more at your own pace. 

3. Can I withdraw at any time?
Absolutely! Your flexibility is our priority. You have the freedom to withdraw your funds at any time, for any reason. Whether it's to enjoy your profits, cover personal expenses, or for any other purpose, the decision is entirely yours. We believe in empowering you not just with potential profits but also with the control and autonomy over your funds. 

4. Is my funds safe and secure?
Absolutely! Your funds are in safe hands. 
Here's why:

a. Under Your Name: Your funds are held under your name, providing you with full ownership and control.

b. Regulated Broker: We partner with a regulated broker, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

c. Segregated Client Accounts: Your funds are kept in segregated client accounts, separate from the company's operational funds, enhancing security.

5. Do I need a Virtual Private Server? Can I turn off my devices?
No need for a VPS! Once your account is linked to ours, copy trading operates seamlessly without the requirement for a Virtual Private Server (VPS). You can even turn off your devices because our accounts are hosted directly on the Broker server. Experience the convenience of hands-free trading, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life while still benefiting from the expertise of our strategy. Your journey to financial success just got simpler! 

6. How do I monitor my account?
It's as easy as managing your own MT4 account! Monitoring your account is a breeze – simply use MetaTrader 4 on your smartphones. Access real-time trades, track performance, and stay informed on the go.

7. Why Would You Allow Other Traders to Copy Your Portfolio?
There are several reasons...
a. Mutual Benefit: Our partnership is designed for shared success. I receive a 15% performance fee when you profit, aligning our interests.

b. Supporting Fellow Traders: I'm genuinely driven to assist traders facing challenges and scams. With a strategy proven over time, my goal is to provide genuine help, finding personal satisfaction in aiding others towards profitable outcomes.
c. Building a Supportive Community: It's building a business network, a community, seeking collective growth. Your success can naturally lead to referrals, creating a supportive network. When you introduce us to your social circle, it's not just about our growth—it's about your rewards too. By referring others, you not only contribute to our community's expansion but also earn referral fees and commissions. Your happiness is key to our collective success, and we're committed to ensuring that every referral brings both satisfaction and financial rewards. Let's build and thrive together!

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