Reach Your Financial Goals Results Faster With Profit By Friday.

You are just 3 steps away from profitable trading.
Profit By Friday is FREE.
You just need to pay for the virtual hosting fee.
One virtual hosting fee for one trading account.

Here's How it Works in 3 Simple Steps...

Generate Consistent Weekly Income with Profit By Friday

Profit by Friday is a cutting edge trading solution provider that provides
end-to-end trading trading solution for all levels of traders. You can mirror all our
trades in real-time, and it’s Free for you to use.

Step 1: Select Your Portfolio

Choose any of the Profit By Friday portfolios that you would like to mirror.

Step 2: Open Your New Forex Account

Open and fund your new Forex account with our appointed Brokers to start trading.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Trading Terminal

This step is now on us. In 24 hours, we will setup your trading terminal to mirror all our trades. From here, you just have to sit back and collect your profits every Friday.


Copy profitable strategies in real time and on full automation

You will be able to generate profit on a daily basis by copying our trades in real time.


All Technical aspect including installation and setup will be handled by us. Your trading terminal will be hosted and managed by us on our VPS.

We handle everything from start to finish so that you don't have any headaches and complete peace of mind when you get started with Profit by Friday. 

Sit back and have a drink. We will handle the techie stuffs for you.


All trading performance are fully verified by MyFxBook.

We show our actual portfolio performance because we want you to know that you are mirroring successful systems that have withstand the test of time and the test of hostile market conditions.

Profit By Friday Portfolios

Below are the portfolios and systems used by Profit By Friday.
You can select one portfolio for one hosting account.
(Note: at this moment we are launching only 1 portfolio)

Portfolio Name: Profit By Friday EURUSD
Trading Pair: EURUSD

Minimum Account Size: $100 or more
Account Type: Cent Affiliate Account

Profit By Friday Pricing

As mention before, Profit By Friday is Free. You get to use the strategy on our VPS when you sign up via our IB Link. You just need to help us cover the cost of the VPS (virtual hosting).

Virtual Hosting price includes hosting of 1 MT4 trading terminal with
the selected strategy to mirror and all installation cost.

3 Months Virtual Hosting
3 Months Minimum

Profit By Friday VPS Cost - 3 months

6 Months Virtual Hosting

6 Months Minimum

(Duplicate) Profit By Friday VPS Cost - 3 months

12 Months Virtual Hosting

12 Months Minimum

Virtual Hosting Cost - 12 months

Just to be clear this is a recurring billing service. If you are happy with watching your portfolio (finally) growing, then do nothing and you will be rebilled automatically. If you would like to cancel, you can just send us an email to cancel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know that Profit By Friday is a reliable strategy provider?

This is the main reason why we use MyFxBook to verified all our trades and we do not hide anything in our MyFxBook track record. You can go through every aspect of our trading approach with our MyFXbook Link.

2. How do I start using Profit By Friday?
You can start in 3 steps. Firstly, select the portfolio you would like to mirror. Secondly, sign up with our Broker panel, and finally, allow us 24 hours to setup your trading account.

3. Why do you provide your strategies for free and charge only for hosting?
We generate income when you sign up with our broker when you sign up through our link. This is why we have to insist that you use the brokers that we use.

4. Are your brokers reliable?
Yes of course. We believe in them that is why we have our own real trading account with them. And these brokers have high review ratings on Forex Peace Army.

5. What if I want to use my own brokers?
Sorry. It has to be from our appointed list of brokers. All the brokers have high user rating.

6. Do I deposit my cash with you?
No. Not at all. You have to open the trading account with the broker under your name and you deposit your funds with the broker. We have no access to your funds except to just trade for you using our algorithm.

7. How can I monitor my trades and account progress?
You have access to your account at all times. You just need to download MetaTrader 4 onto your smartphone and monitor your account.

8. Can I join the 3 months first and then 12 months later?
Sure. 12 months will be added to the 3 month period.

9. What is virtual hosting?
It's a space on our virtual private server.

10. After payment, what do I do?
After making payment, you will be redirecting to the setup page. There we have detailed instructions for you to follow.

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